Donors and Heroes

As with any PAC(man) we encourage donors to give us lots and lots of money in order to keep us in the style we want to become accustomed (and maybe do some buying of politicians).   The following list of donors have not given us any money at all <pout>.  However, if you are one of the 1% and can donate a minimum of $1,000,000 we will take your money.

Bob J Perry

  Sheldon Adelson

  T Boone Pickens

  Philip Anschutz

  Aubrek K McClendon

  Robert Rowline

  Karl Rove

  Ed Gillespie

  Fred Malek

  Dick Morris

  Harold C Simmons

  Carl Lindner

  B Wayne Hughes

Don Arnall

  Jerry Perenchio

  Bob Perry

  Alex Spanos

  Rupert Murdoch

  David Koch

  Bill O’Reilly

  Fred Eychaner

  Orin Kramer

  Sanford Robertson

  George Soros


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